Automate & Manage

Your Bequests with Ease

Spend less time on spreadsheets and achieve more with an intuitive platform designed for a more efficient bequest tracking and collection process.


Struggling with Disorganized Data & Time-Consuming Processes?

You are a charity, and you have been informed that you are a beneficiary of a charitable bequest, and the decedent has recently died. Do you enter that bequest information in a spreadsheet or a database? Do you insert it into a paper file? Whether it’s a spreadsheet, database, or paper file, do you find yourself spending unnecessary time months later tracking down information related to that bequest?

Keeping track of the status and timeline of each bequest can be challenging. Too often, needless time is spent sorting a spreadsheet or rifling through paper documents to gather information related to the status of various bequests and the revenue you can expect to receive from those bequests.


Redefine Your Bequest Tracking

with Our Intuitive Solution

True Pedigree, a technology company developed TrueBQuest in partnership with the estate planning, trust, and probate attorneys at Sideman & Bancroft. An intuitive platform, it was designed to streamline bequest tracking and collection with the specific needs of charitable organizations in mind.


Enhance Your Charity's Efficiency with These Features

Holds in electronic form all information related to each bequest, allowing easy access to current status and copies of relevant documents.

Displays expected revenue for each upcoming fiscal year and updates in real-time.

Allows scheduling of follow-up reminders and keeps your team on track.

Includes specific information about each decedent, including whether the decedent was a lifetime donor and details of prior giving.

Allows an unlimited number of users to access the platform at the same time.

Creates efficiencies with audit requirements and allows the user to quickly respond to audit questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you're having trouble finding answers to your questions, please feel free to contact us for assistance.

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No, at this time TrueBQuest is only a stand-alone platform for managing bequests once your organization is advised that a donor has died and named your organization as a beneficiary.
Although TrueBQuest is designed to manage bequests only after a donor has died, there is a supplemental package that will allow your organization to track pledges before the donor has died.
Easy and intuitive! Simply create an account to get started on your own, or contact our sales team for a guided platform walkthrough.
Grant access to TrueBQuest by adding users and admins. Anyone you choose can be assigned these roles. Users can view all information and reports, while admins have the additional ability to edit information.
Simply put, yes. The fields within the platform can be customized to incorporate your organizations' terms and identifiers.
No, We can help you transfer your data to TrueBQuest. Just contact us to get started.
No problem! TrueBQuest can separately track any number of bequests resulting from the death of the same individual.
Yes, in the platform you can upload documents and files (i.e. will, emails, etc.)